Every participating athlete should have undertaken all the required medical examinations. Doctors and paramedics will be, however, available along the way and by the finishing line.



A commemorative medal will be given to every participating athlete.


Hand Made Prizes from local artists, will be awarded to the first three men and first three women crossing the finishing line of each race. Awards will also be given to the first men and woman originating from Andros Island finishing the 24 km Great Race.

Refreshment Stations

Refreshment stations will be placed along every route providing athletes with: water, refreshments, salt sticks, fruit, biscuits and local products. Volunteers with First Aid knowledge and First aid kits will also be available at every station.


A commemorative T-shirt with the race logo will be given to every athlete

Pasta Party

On Saturday, 29th of September, a Pasta Party (free for the participants) will take place at Korthi Bay village (Ormos Korthiou).


Andros Trail Race will electronically be timed. The advanced RFID systems used for the time recordings comply with all European radiation standards.


Every athlete will enter a gift draw supported by Andros Trail Race Sponsors.


FAST FERRIES & GOLDEN STAR FERRIES shipping companies support the race and offer athletes and one escort 30% discount, as well as 20% discount to car or motorcycle tickets. Book your tickets to ΜΑΜΑLIS TRAVEL or TOGIAS TRAVEL travel agencies by giving the ID Number received by the registration.

Accommodation & Catering

The organizing team provides athletes discount to hotels and restaurants. Book the hotel of your preference by giving the ID Number received by the registration.


Professional photographers will be placed along every route, taking your photographs. The photographs will be available online, 7 days after the race. All athletes (24k & 10k & 5k) will receive one of their own photographs at the start or finishing line.

Medical Cover

Along the routes and at the finish line, cardiologists, ambulances, Volunteeρs Samaritians, Rescuers and Lifeguards Corp, ΕΚΑΒ team and and volunteers with first aid knowledge are placed. The organizers bare no responsibility in matters of HEALTH, caused by the lack of preventive medical check-up. In any case every athlete participates with their own responsibility.