From our point of view, the beauty of Andros lies at its unique landscapes and the sudden surprises of its special nature. This is the nature we love and protect, the nature we want to promote. This is where we want to continue living and working, believing that Andros can and should be an alternative tourist destination.

Besides, with so many hiking trails and paths it wouldn’t be too long until the idea of a mountain trail running race would come to life!

Andros has got all the necessary elements to make its entrance to this kind of race, offering an extraordinary natural landscape with significant elevation gain.

The selection of routes was based on the natural beauty of the island and hiking trails, the importance of the points of interest and technical challenges, similar to major mountain running race events. The athletes will be rewarded for their effort, running through nature’s and man’s amazing “creations” such as old tracks, cobbled old streets, Venetian pathways and certified hiking trails, high mountains, ravines and streams, small oak forests, fountains, water mills, stone bridges, traditional villages, Monasteries and medieval castles. A dense network of trails with a variety of morphology is the canvas on which the two routes of Andros Trail Race 2017 will once again leave their mark.

By organizing this event, we invite the whole sports community, running enthusiasts and especially mountain-runners, adventure and nature seekers to experience the hidden beauties of Andros, "challenging" their limits!

Join us!