Upon registration, athletes decide whether to participate in Main 10km or 24km races or parallel 5km or 1km races and accept these regulations. Athletes must follow the instructions given by the technical director and organizing team. The race includes running to mountainous and rugged terrain and athletes will also be exposed to the weather conditions prevailing that day. Athletes running the Main race of 24km must carefully manage their powers as the route includes a lot elevation changes and a lot of caution is required during the descent.   


    All participants over the age of 18 can register both races and children at the age of 16-18 years require a solemn declaration of consent by their parent or guardian. Every athlete must be sure of their physical condition that allows them to race and must be recently examined by a doctor. However no medical certificate will be asked.


    The participation fee is: 10€ per athlete for the 5km race, 15€ per athlete for the 10 km race & 25€ per athlete for the 24 km race. The 1km kids’ race is free. The amount should be submitted fully until the 18th September 2019 to the bank accounts given to you electronically at your registration. Refunds are not allowed for any reason.
    Only paid off registrations are considered valid.
    Registration includes:
    o Participation in the race in accordance to the Regulations
    o Commemorative Medal
    o Race T-Shirt
    o Participation in the Pasta Party
    o Catering at the Refreshment Stations
    o Medical cover


    The first 3 winners of the general classification for Men and Women of the 1km, 5km, 10km and 24km race will be awarded respectively. Awards will also be given to the first man and woman originating from Andros Island finishing the 24 km Great Race.


    The start of the Main race is at 08:30 am and the start of the Small at 9:00 am on the 29 September 2019. The 5km starts at 17.00 and the 1 km at 18.30 on the 28 September 2019. The start-finish area is common to all races at the central square of Korthi Bay (Ormos Korthiou), located on the southeastern side of the island at sea level. The award ceremony for the winners of both races will be at the same place at 14:30 pm.


    The race routes include paved roads, dirt trails, dirt roads and asphalt. Trails are well marked on their biggest part with hiking signs. Additional markings are added to make the routes as clear as possible. These are mainly labels and caution tapes serving as route guides, kilometer indications and disinclining in case of wrong turns. Dangerous points will be marked by biodegradable luminescent spray. The markings are only placed temporarily and will be removed after the race. At certain points of the race volunteers will also direct the athletes.

    The Main Race is 24 kilometers long with maximum elevation of 1585 meters and the Small Race is 10 kilometers with maximum elevation of 480 meters. The lowest point of the race is sea level and the highest at 630 meters.

    The races follow these routes:

    24km Korthi Bay (Ormos Korthiou) - Rogo - Lardia - Giannissaio - Vouni - Monastery of Panachrantos - Vrahnou - Exo Vouni – Dipotamata Gorge - Kochylou – Korthi Bay

    10km Korthi Bay (Ormos Korthiou) - Kato Khones - Agia. Marina - Alamania - Episkopio - Lardia - Rogo – Korthi Bay. For the 1km and 5 km parallel races, please visit the race description page.


    The Main Race has a time limit of 6 hours. Athletes that choose to abandon for any reason must inform the judge at the nearest check/ refreshment station.


    Athletes must carry their ID Number (BIB) on their front of their shirt, visible at all times, unfolded and undistorted.


    Athletes must move in the trail without forming wide groups and facilitate athletes who want to pass.


    The use of hiking poles, GPS and mobile phone is allowed.


    Both races pass mostly through rural Andros and along ancient roads and trails as well as sensitive ecosystems. Athletes are not allowed to litter the routes with any kind of objects, such as plastic bottles, solid or liquid food packaging consumed during the race. Special garbage bags are on every refreshment stations. Anyone littering the routes with non organic waste will be disqualified.


    The organization caters the athletes in 10 stations along the routes. Six (6) refreshment stations at the 24km Main Race, three (3) at the 10km Small Race and one (1) at the 5km Race.


    Athletes are not obliged to carry any specific equipment except for a water bottle or a bottle for water supply. It is recommended for the Main Race athletes and especially for beginners to carry the following: a small backpack with a water bottle, a wind-resistant jacket, solid food, elastic bandage and a mobile phone.


    Objections for any reason are accepted only by the athletes 30 minutes the latest after the finishing. The technical director and the organization team are responsible for any problem or objection that may rise.


    The committee inspects the routes with personnel specialized in safety and rescue issues and provides medical assistance to those in need. In case of a route modification due to safety reasons, athletes must comply with the new instructions, or they will be disqualified. Doctors will also be available at the refreshment stations. In case of an emergency a helicopter will also be available. If the race doctor indicates an athlete in poor condition, the athlete must give up the ID number.r.


    The Organization can modify the routes for safety reasons. It can also delay the start, cancel or postpone the race due to bad weather conditions or other reasons


    The only penalty imposed to offenses and violations of the regulations is disqualification and it is applied on 1) route littering 2) race cuts 3) inappropriate behavior towards other athletes or race staff.


    By registration each athlete gives the Organization permission to their photograph and recording during the race and awards for advertising purposes.


    Commemorative medals are only given to athletes who finish within the 6-hour time limit. All athletes, regardless of their performance, are honored with the same medal. Participation diplomas are also given to all athletes regardless of the final outcome (finishing or withdrawal), indicating the finish time and general ranking or withdrawal point.


    The Organizer is not responsible for death, injury or any health problems of the participants. Once registered, athletes acknowledge the risks of mountain race and assure their health allows them to race. All athletes must be regularly and recently examined by a doctor. The Organizer reserves the right to forbid an athlete to race if the race doctor advises. Athletes’ personal insurance is on their own choice and charge.


    The organizers reserve the right to amend the race regulations, without prior notice

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